Network upgrades, virtualization, encapsulation, overlay networks and cloud solutions are making it more and more difficult to monitor, analyze, and secure IT assets. With tools being proliferated into silos of IT, managing the tools themselves is difficult at best. An intelligent network monitoring fabric is a critical component of any data center or network infrastructure investment. The Gigamon Visibility Fabric™ is an intelligent, dynamic solution that meets the volume, density, and scale requirements of today’s data centers, extending visibility into various silos of IT.


  • • Completes the Standard Reference Data Center Architecture—core, distribution, access, and visibility
  • • Provides pervasive visibility to centralized monitoring tools
  • • Enables your tools to see inside the cloud, virtual, and overlay networks, as well as encapsulated packets
  • • The Visibility Fabric is a layer that includes scalable options for growth and reduces the time to deploy new technology solutions
  • • Gigamon understands the importance of traffic regardless of where it lives

  • • Achieve and maintain pervasive visibility, insights to reduce network downtime, and more accurate analysis and measurement of network traffic traversing both physical and virtual environments
  • • Maintain visibility with existing tools as the network is upgraded to 10Gb and beyond
  • • Centralize tools in a single management location and increase the tool rail’s longevity as the network speeds increase
  • • Do not lose visibility of traffic that has moved to virtual servers, the cloud, or converged infrastructure
  • • Enable traffic visibility into encapsulated and overlay networks
  • • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX